347 stroker timing stangnet

347 stroker timing stangnet

347 stroker timing StangNetsp.infoMay 26,2009·What are you guys with 347's running for base timing.I'm doing the final assembly on my coast high 10.5:1 347 with AFR 185's and MSD distributor and ignition,and need to know where I should plan on setting the timing when I first get it running.Also what octane are you running if you have

93 foxbody 347 stroker megasquirt 2 pnp initial timing set May 20,2020347 Stroker Create Problems Help StangNetJul 28,2013331/347 With NOSAnyone? StangNetJul 21,2005Timing Chain on my 347 Stroker Not Right StangNetJun 17,2004See more results347 stroker combo good or bad??? StangNet

·My Probe Industries 347 in my 94GT made 444HP / 458TQ at the wheels with a P.M.S.back in 2007.347 Stroker AFR 185 Heads Comp Custom Cam .542 / .562 / 114 Lobe Scorpion 1.7 Roller Rockers Holley Systemax Intake with Ported Snout to 75MM Edelbrock 75MM Throttle Body Pro-M 80MM Mass Air Meter 30 Pound (Red) Injectors with Kirban Adjustable Fuel

347 Stroker Timing Discussion (Dial Back vs.Standard sp.infoSep 07,2012·I have a friend with a MSD Pro/Billet Distributor,without vacuum advance,MSD 6A Ignition,on a Ford 347 Stroker.I have currently set the timing at about 12 initial,35 total advance.All in around 3000 rpm.This was set using a standard timing light and his harmonic damper has timingNew 347 Up and Running but question about the Timing

Jul 21,2016·Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 20,2011.I finally broke in my new 347 stroker a few weeks ago and it runs and sounds great! I do have a question about the timing.I am using the MSD Pro Billet Distributor,Blaster 2 coil and 6AL box.I want to correctly set the initial timing,total timing and timing curve for this motor.

Ford 347 stroker timing and carb tuning Ford Mustang ForumOct 18,2018Timing issueAug 28,2013351 cleveland timing how do you time it up right?Apr 12,2009How exactly to get correct timingFeb 03,2003See more results306 Small-Block Engine vs 347 Small Block Engine - Muscle sp.infoThe 347 requires cam timing that will allow it to produce peak power near 6,500 rpm (like the 306).The smaller of the two XFI stroker cams offered by Comp Cams (0.579 lift,236/248 duration,114347 Comp Cam Hydraulic Roller Cams - 5.0 Mustang

A 347 can tolerate more lift and duration than a 302.Practically speaking,this means a 347 more easily produces vacuum to run the brake booster and smooth the idle.It also means the 347 draws

Speed Secrets Choosing the Right Cam for a 347 Ford sp.infoComps XFI Stroker Cam series includes two camshafts.The smaller,XFI236HR-14 features a .579 lift and 236/248 duration with a 114 LSA,which is more than adequate for this application,a 347 stroker with ported heads,and a larger grind for 392,408,and 427 strokers.At the dyno,this build proved that picking the right cam makes all the The Shermanator 347 A 530HP Gas Stroker You Can Build

Apr 15,2021·Joe hooked the 347 to his trusty Superflow dyno,installed 1 ?? dyno headers and 3 Magnaflow mufflers.He threw in a set of Accel 784 sparkplugs gapped at .045 and set the timing for 38-degrees total.A set of #78 primary and #86 secondary jets were selected (after a few warm-up pulls) to meter the 91-octane Unocal gas.

Ford 347 Stroker Black Hawk - West Coast Enginessp.infoFORD 347 STROKER “THE BLACK HAWK” We named this bad-a** Ford 347 stroker “The Black Hawk” after the one of the most famous tactical aircraft systems in the military.Helicopters have that sound you can feel in your chest and that was the target when we designed this Ford 347 stroker.We are also big supporters of our troops and the men and women that protect this country from evil 475hp 347 Stroker Ford Small Block - Muscle Mustangs

The CHP 347 featured a brand-new production two-bolt block stuffed to the gills with a 3.40-inch stroker crank,forged connecting rods,and matching forged pistons.Though Coast High Performance

Ford 347 Total Timing - clubhotrodsp.infoNov 14,2010·rspears.Ford 347 Total Timing.My SBF 347 stroker is running 10.3/1 compression with a Comp Cam w/valve timing @ .050 intake 4btdc/40abdc; exhaust 51bbdc/-1atdc installed @ 108.o intake centerline and duration @ .050 intake 224,exhaust 230,lobe separation 112.0.On the chassis dyno we were getting a bit of high rpm flutter and the total Need help with spark plug gap for 347 stroker Vintage

Apr 04,2020·I will be upgrading my ignition setup this weekend with.MSD Iridium Spark Plugs.Edelbrock Spark Plug Wires.MSD Blaster 2 Ignition Coil.MSD Pro-Billet Distributor.And here is the current engine build for reference.(302 V8) Eagle 347 Stroker Kit w/ ESP.Comp Camshaft,Lifters,Rocker Arms,Push Rods.

Short-Block Stroker Engines - 5.0 Mustang Super Fords sp.infoThe FRPP 347 features a new production two-bolt 5.0 block,a 3.40-inch nodular cast-iron stroker crank,4.030-inch hypereutectic pistons with chrome rings (valve reliefs for inline valve heads Ford 347 Stroker Kit - CNC Motorsports

Scat 1-94160BE SB Ford 347 Street And Strip Balanced Performance Rotating Assembly - 10.7:1 Keith Black Flat Top Pistons.$1,357.00.9000 Cast Steel Crankshaft 3.400 Stroke,5.400 I-Beam Rods,Keith Black Hypereutectic -6.5cc Flat Top Pistons,Balanced Externally.Add to Cart.

347 Ford Small Block Stroker Crate Engine F347-HR-C3sp.info347 Ford Long Block.$6,999.Our 500 HP 347 Ford Small Block Stroker is the highest horsepower offered in Hot Rod Series crate engine series.With an aggressive hydraulic roller camshaft and aluminum heads,you get a street/strip powerhouse that isn't for the faint of heart.347 ignition timing and carb back fire

Feb 28,2010·OK.Here we go again--Part #2..Motor 347 stroker.I'm having carb back fire and a dead spot ,or lag when I hit the gas..I found that the timing pointer was set at 10 degrees advanced.I found Exact TDC and moved the pointer back to zero!

347 Stroker Crate Engine Ford 347 Strokersp.infoThis 347 Stroker Crate Engine is ideal for serious street performance.Our entry level 347 stroker Ford performance engines boast an honest 400 horsepower and 390 torque and run on premium pump gas.This part number is perfect to upgrade from your old 302.This Ford 347 stroker crate engine will give you the reliability you want for your street cruiser while still having the power you need.Be Single- vs.Dual-Plane Intake Test On A 347 Stroker

Run on the 347 with the dual-plane Performer RPM intake,the little stroker produced 434 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 412 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm.Torque production exceeded 400 lb-ft from 3,800 rpm to 5,100 rpm.After installation of the single-plane,Victor Jr.intake,the power output of the 347 increased to 441 horsepower at 6,500 rpm

Prepping a Ford Mustang 347 ci Engine - 5.0 Mustang sp.infoThat means our engine is really a 342,but as 347 is the popular designation for a 3.40-inch stroker 302,that's what we'll call it.The heavy-beamed connecting rods are another high-durability Ford 347 Stroker Kit - CNC Motorsports

347 Stroker Kit 9.3:1 Mahle Dish Pistons Fit Twisted Wedge Heads Eagle 14032 SBF.$2,097.95.Ford 347 Stroker Rotating Assembly Kit,Eagle 4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft 3.400 Stroke,Eagle 5.400 H-Beam Rods,Mahle 4032 Forged -16cc Dish Pistons,Fits 1 or 2-PC Rear Seal,Rings and Bearings Included *Pistons Fits Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Cylinder

Can't read and/or set timing on 347 stroker Factory Five sp.infoSep 17,2013·Then check your timing again and see where you're at.Timing should be somewhere in the range of 12 - 14 degrees BTC base timing at idle,34 - 36 degrees BTC total advance at 2500 - 3000 RPM,with vacuum advance line removed and plugged (if you have one).Your firing order is right for the cam you're using.Ford 347 Stroker Crate Engine 347 Ford Crate Engine

This Ford 347 Stroker Crate Engine is ideal for serious street performance.Our entry level 347 stroker Ford performance engines boast an honest 400 horsepower and 390 torque and run on premium pump gas.This part number is perfect to upgrade from your old 302.This 347 Ford Crate Engine will give you the reliability you want for your street cruiser while still having the power you need.Be

Thoughts on these results for a 347 stroker? Vintage sp.infoApr 04,2020·Chip Phillips said I have a 347 tuned up quite well and vacuum at idle is around 7.It will vary depending on your camshaft specs.I have the idle screw all the way off for the primaries and adjust idle speed with the secondary screw.First thing is to get the four idle mixture screws the same and with best air/fuel,or idle sound and speed AFR 185 Cylinder Heads - Includes 8019 HYD Roller Springs

With lightweight 8mm 2.020 intake valves,1.600 exhaust valves,combustion chamber volumes of 58cc or 72cc,and 70cc exhaust ports,AFR's new 185cc Ford cylinder heads are designed for 302-367 cid engines operating from 1500 rpm to 6500 rpm.A 3/4 thick head deck makes the AFR head ideal for nitrous or blower applications.

Cannot get timing to match in TunerStudio 5.0L StangNetsp.info7 hours ago·3.Set the Timing for Fixed Advance (degrees) to 20.0 4.Increase the Ignition Offset Angle (deg) in the trigger wizard little by little trying to reach 20 degrees on the balancer.However,once I get to around 14.8 Ignition Offset Angle (deg) The timing does not move on the balancer.Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement.For more information,please see here.12345Next

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